We can hire great people faster than you.

Listen – we know your company is really good at what you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be growing while your competitors are looking for cheap office space in the “warehouse district” – or whatever they named it to make people forget the neighborhood crime rate.

But you’re not as good at hiring as we are. We promise. And we’re not talking about finding the frequently fired to fill those fancy new chairs. Kinetix is the best in the country at hiring great people, fast. And we want to play for your team.

You know in your heart you could grow faster if hiring weren’t slowing you down. Isn’t that what’s keeping you up at night? And isn’t that why you’re here?

Kinetix is a recruitment process outsourcing firm (RPO) that leverages an integrated services model composed of total RPO, Staffing & Recruiting and HR Consulting. We’ve got the goods, and we want to share them with you. Check us out.

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