Meet Carol McDaniel

Meet Carol McDaniel, a masterful persuader and consultative professional, who can aggressively identify opportunities, develop focus and provide strategic and tactical solutions that meet client needs.

Oh, and she thinks performance evaluations suck.

Carol holds the position of Senior Vice President here at Kinetix with responsibilities in the HR Consulting and RPO areas.  Having started her career in the Air Force, McDaniel is committed to combatting all consultative and staffing needs for your organization. Carol is also a firm believer that “just doing your job” is not good enough, so when she’s not grinding it out for clients, you can catch her serving  as the President-Elect of the HR Florida State Council.

If your organization is hungry for a Human Resources professional, with over 17 years of marketing, consulting and direct recruitment experience – then Carol is your gal. Don't be shy, pick up the phone and give her a call today 813.956.5340.

Specialties: Talent Management. Social Media Strategy. Taking over the world one conference at a time.

Do you Twitter?  (all the kids are...)

10 Questions with Carol McDaniel

1. It’s hard on a recruiter/HR pro out there. Tell us why you’re in the RPO game...

…because it’s hard out there! The RPO experience can bring a vast amount of resources, talent and expertise AND ease the pain of the HR pro/Recruiter, making one small aspect of their day-to-day easier, more efficient and making them look like an Rock Star!

2. Finish the following sentence: "People want to hang out with me because..." …..because of all my great shoes! Seriously, I’ve been told I’m a master connector of people – my network = your network! People appreciate my crazy sense of humor, great story telling and straight talk about talent acquisition! My friends say I missed my calling as an actress or to be on stage, but honestly, making others look like stars fires me up! Oh, and a little spotlight on me every now and then is fine by me!

3. First thing that comes into your mind when I say this: “RPO works because ____...”

….it’s like having a recruiting concierge service – delivered! With leaner HR departments, more responsibilities – RPO does the hard stuff, and you get to enjoy the rewards.


4. What’s your favorite HR/recruiting buzzword to openly mock and why? It has to be...

….Oh, so many buzzwords, and so little space – I guess it would have to “Best Practice” – does anyone REALLY know what that means?  I think we stop saying that and just do it!

5. Let’s face it – there’s a lot of humanity out there in the recruiting scene. What’s the sure sign in the first 3 minutes you interview a candidate that it’s not going to happen?

…..they say “Best Practice”, I joke, but not really. If candidate uses words that they clearly don’t know what they mean, uh, that’s not going to go over too well. That, and trying to give me some “company secret” from their previous organization – does not fly –don’t do it.

6. Who are your favorite two recruiters – RPO, sports, entertainment, whatever – and what makes them rock stars from a recruiting perspective? 

….showing my Florida roots, I’m going with Bobby Bowden – he wasn’t just looking for talent, but he looked for the whole person – that is what we call hiring for cultural  fit right – you can teach hard skills, but it’s the soft skills that are harder to find – wait, I think I just said another buzzword…..

Military Recruiters – they know how to sell the job of protecting our great country! They do hire the best and the brightest, train them, challenge them, promote from within and when you are ready to leave – it’s done with dignity and are given the opportunity to return!

7. We’re midstream in this interview, so let’s give a shout-out to the intellectuals. What are the last three books you’ve read? Why did you choose those books and what did you learn?

E-Myth Mastery, the seven essentials disciplines for building a world class company by Michael Gerber; love Chapter 4, The Discipline of the Management Leader –while focus is on entrepreneurship I’m reminded of how vital that discipline is at all levels;

Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships by Joe Gerstandt and Jason Lauritsen – loved that they wrote this together, loved it more because it is authentic, and speaks to the true purposes and reasoning behind why our relationships have taken on a new sense of importance and how critical it is to cultivate them across all of our social assets.  

Drive – the surprising truth about what motivates us by Daniel Pink – I have read this several times and after hearing Daniel speak last year I adopted his tool , “Idonethistoday” – great way to see how you are doing each day to reach a goal, be productive and see where you waste your time!

8. Enough with the book learning. A great tradition in Major League Baseball is that each batter for the home team gets to pick his own intro music as he’s walking up to the plate. If you could choose a song to play as you entered the Kinetix HQ, what would it be and why? Feel free to give us 2-3 choices, and you can’t say the uber-lame "I like all types of music"...

…Ha! Well, if you know me, I love a good entrance as I step up on stage, i.e. HR Florida, so this is easy; Mustang Sally (see question nine) – fits my personality a lot; anything by 38 Special – yes, my southern rock roots do define me and fire me up; American Girl by Tom Petty – great anthem!

9. Describe your first car to us. God, please let it be a junker that embarrasses you…

...That’s easy, it embarrassed everyone – my 1975 Monza – yes, I said Monza. I was easily identified by the white smoke that blew out of the back on a very regular basis and was often confused with the county pest control guy who sprayed for bugs in our neighborhood – yeah,  it rocked for $650! And, it was the best way to get my parents to chip in on my second car – Ford Mustang – thus my entrance song in question #8……

10. Give it up – 2 things that the last 10 people you’ve talked to outside of Kinetix don’t know about you..

...I had a short stint as a dental assistant with an Oral Surgeon – best times were watching people under anesthesia and I have over 105 first cousins – yes, it’s true.